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Take 1 Mins and 50 Seconds to discover how you can harness over 18 years of anxiety beating experience.

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Online Therapy Programme

Helping anxiety sufferers to be FREE of anxiety

Without having to "take deep breaths", do "positive thinking" or "trying to distract yourself"!

What Do You Get?

Whether or not you have been struggling with anxiety for a long time OR even if you can't imagine that you could experience change, this programme is designed to help. The FREE FROM: ANXIETY online programme focuses on helping you make some new mental connections that result in both your understanding AND experience of anxiety being resolved. The material contained are all things that I have spent over 18 years learning, developing, honing and actually implementing (with great results) with 1000's of anxiety sufferers. And now you can get access to all this material today.

Over 15 Anxiety Beating Strategies

Taught in detail over 18 plus EASILY DIGESTIBLE BITE-SIZE videos

Watch Real Demos

Watch real demos where I implement some of the strategies with real anxiety sufferers.

Learn With Others

Comment boxes under each part lets you share thoughts, feedback, questions about the material so that everyone learns together.

"The tools you’ve given has been amazing .....thank you"

 GET full access to all the material (over 18 years of honing and refining these anxiety beating strategies) for just £375 

“The programme came as a shock to me… Suddenly I realised the obvious… You are a life changer. Please keep the changes coming… Thank you so much”


Michael, London

About Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper is one of Britain’s leading ‘Rapid Change’ consultants and Hypnotherapists. Known for helping people to create RAPID shifts in their thinking, Howard rejects the notion that deep and lasting change needs to take a long time.


Drawing on a variety of psychological tools, Howard has supported more than 2,500 individuals over the past 17 years on an international level, regularly bringing about transformational changes to their lives.


His practical, dynamic and innovative approach has helped people from all walks of life and ages overcome intrusive personal phobias, anxieties and issues that they have often suffered from for years, offering his clients a new lease of life.


In addition to his personal therapy work, Howard is a very popular and entertaining presenter on a range of topics relevant to society today and has a huge following amongst his peers through his podcast.


He spent almost two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s critically acclaimed ‘Flying Without Fear’ course, and also appeared as the expert on fear of flying on Channel 4’s documentary ‘Fear of Flying: Caught on Camera’.


He has also contributed to other media appearing on the BBC, in The Daily TelegraphDaily ExpressSunCEO Magazine, just some of the media who have documented his successful ability to help people change quickly.

“The programme has helped me manage my anxiety to the point I no longer suffer with heart palpitations”


Abi Morgan, Hertfordshire

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